The YesHawks Club aims to promote creativity and innovation by engaging students in practical hands-on activities as they have fun learning about Science, Engineering, and Technology.


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"Hawk Talk" is a student-ran blog by the Young Engineers and Scientists of Hallsburg ISD. The students research, write, edit, and publish their own articles.

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First Day of YesHawk

The topic today is the first day of YesHawks! If you ask me it was awesome! My question is how did the weight go down the copper pipe? I mean it's not magnetic but it sure is cool. You would think it was magic but it's not magic it's science. Our motto is “It all depends on me! High expectations are the key to everything." I really liked when the names were picked. They had really cool names. So as you can see the first day of YesHawks was a blast!

by Radium